? Research essay: first draft with bibliography

? Research essay: first draft with bibliography

Course Notes: Review the structure of a research essay
The structure of a research essay encompasses clear and natural organization of information with introductory and concluding paragraphs and body paragraphs that develop your argument:

? A title
? A clear well-articulated thesis statement
? A minimum of five typed, proofread pages (approximately 1200 words)
? A minimum of one primary source
? A minimum of three reputable, critical secondary sources (non-credible sources include Wikipedia, CliffsNotes, Spark Notes, Shmoop, or any similar “free essay” type website): Note: one of your three secondary sources must be the Sokel pages we read and analyzed. No matter what your subject or primary text, you must use the Sokel article in your research essay–it is rich with material that will inform any subject.
? A Works Cited page, formatted in MLA style, that lists all works consulted and cited including the primary source(s)
? MLA-¬style parenthetical citations
Use the first person voice (or any person) sparingly and only with intention: The use of I, the first person, can be effective but only when you want to draw the reader’s attention to yourself. To the point, the first person is quite powerful, so use it only with intention. If you have an overabundance of the first person in your academic writing, ironically, the result produces the opposite effect of what you might imagine: you leave the reader wondering if you really believe in what you’re writing, if you’re really proving your points. This is actually a natural consequence of using too much I. So, state what is, the reader will know it’s you, which clarifies and makes your content more cogent and coherent, because it takes the focus off of you and puts it back where it belongs: on your content and your argument.

Coursework Assignment: First Draft

Compose the first draft of your essay following the guidelines listed above, and submit it in the link below. Reflect, formulate, and express your point of view on your chosen topic and express your reasons (reasoning), using the four Es (explanation, extrapolation, evidence, and example) and organizing your paper into a clearly delineated introduction, main-paragraph(s) body, and conclusion. In other words, do not think of this as your first draft but compose it as if it were your final draft.
-Adhere to the guidelines listed above.
-Apply what you have learned from mechanics and usage.
-Follow the format listed below.
-*Your first draft must include your complete bibliography of your primary texts and your 3 secondary critical sources (one of them the Sokel pages).
-Your first draft must also have all your in-text citations. There must be at least one in-text citation for each of your secondary critical sources.

-Submit your first draft via the link below.

Submission format:
? MS Word (not pdf)
? Times font, size 12
? one-inch margins
? double-spaced
? Save and submit your document as follows: LastName FirstName AssignmentName (e.g. DelVinoSally Initial Essay)
? On the top of your first page, write: your name, the assignment title, the date, and your word count

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