Research Lab Paper Radiology topic

Research Lab Paper Radiology topic
Bio 210
Lab Paper Instructions
Pick a relevant topic related to class (it can be anything, as long as it’s relevant), and write a research paper summarizing different journal articles about your
topic. Journal articles are short papers written about experiments that have been peer-reviewed and published. These articles describe an original experiment or
analysis that adds to current knowledge about a particular topic. In your paper, you should discuss: the reasons the experiment was performed, the methodology, data,
results, and the authors’ discussion. Due by April 20th, 2017.
-A minimumof 1500 words.
-1.5 line spacing.
-Proper Works Cited and in-text citations (or else you are plagiarizing and I cannot accept your paper).
-Reference at least 5 journal articles.
-Include graphs/figures/diagrams from the original papers to help illustrate your points.
-Your paper should include an introduction to your topic, a summary of different articles, and a conclusion.
-Use correct citations;
-Google Scholar is a great source for journal articles (among others, don’t use Wikipedia as a real source).
-Journal articles are typically very specific. It is a good idea to choose a topic that is very researchable—not too broad, not too exclusive.
-A few interesting topics to help you brainstorm: effects of exercise on endothelial dysfunction, anabolic steroid use effects, bradycardia in athletes, strength and
endurance training in the elderly (or aging), the effects of nutrition on muscle hypertrophy, the effects of a low carb diet in type 2 diabetes, low carb vs low fat
diets for weight loss, effects of meditation on anxiety disorders, the role of Vitamin D in metabolic syndrome.

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