Research Methods-Balancing leisure, work and study

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The research proposal task has 3 phases 1- mind map 2- primary research questions 3- background research report and justification. I would like to use the three attached essays as the resources to do the whole assessment. The other information will be attached. Please go by the syllabus carefully.

LSC 2533 Research Methods
Research Proposal (CLO 1) ? Task Sheet

Value: 20 percent
Due date: September 15th

The research proposal will set the foundations for your research project. This assignment will involve a mind map where you outline what is relevant to the topic you would like to investigate. By way the questions for background research you will state what it is you want to learn from your background research. From here, you will complete a background report of approximately 1000 words about your topic. This will include information from sources either on the internet or from the library database. The report will be referenced according to APA format. Using background report as a guide you will construct research questions for your primary research.

Phase 1 ? Mind map (3%)
Phase 2 ? Background research report and justification (14%)
Phase 3 ? Primary research questions (3%)

Phase 1 ? Mind Map
A mind map is a way to expand and develop ideas about a topic. In the case of this assignment you will use a mind map to consider what aspects of the topic you may want to investigate.
Mind Map Sample 1

? What topic is the researcher mind mapping for?
? What were the first two ideas (or subtopics) that come after the main topic?
? Which subtopic is most developed?

Watch the video below:
Write ways that people can use to develop a research topic:
_____________________________________ ______________________________________
_____________________________________ ______________________________________
_____________________________________ ______________________________________

Now watch the following video:

A mind map helps to identify key _________________________
What are the main concepts that are described as impacting on success at college?
_____________________________________ ______________________________________
_____________________________________ ______________________________________

What is one important consideration for study habits? _______________________________________

Online mind mapping

? Which software application was used to make the mind map?
? What is the main topic the researcher is mapping?
? What are the main subtopics the researcher is likely interested in?
? Is the mind map finished?

Graded Task:
Decide on a topic for your research project. Possible topics for you to conduct research on include the following:
– Student health
– Student success
o Achievement
o Effective learning
o Good motivation
– Recreation and leisure
o Preferred leisure activities (social versus individual; active versus sedentary)
o Balancing leisure, work and study
– Career planning
o Needed knowledge and action
– Environmental awareness
o Knowledge
o Personal environmental protection activities
o Social environment protection activities
– Driving habits
o Safety
o Economy
o the environment
– Social media
o Behavior and issues
– E-learning
– Saving and spending
– Work satisfaction

Create a mind map that develops the topic in a comprehensive way (You do not have to use every part of the mind map in your research question). When you have finished the mind map you provide a copy for your teacher for assessment. Also make sure you maintain your own copy to include in your final research report.
Software for mind mapping

? MindMup (only with Google Chrome)
? X mind
? Smart Draw
Phase 2 -Research Questions
During the research project you will engage in primary and secondary research on your research topic. Primary research is when you gather information directly from other people about their beliefs, habits, plans, desires and so on. Secondary research is when you collect information from the library or internet on the topic to provide background information.
A research question says what you want to learn from your research. Put another way, it is the question your research wants to answer. The research question can also include a number of sub-questions.
Main question:
? Do students at the college have effective approaches to e-learning?
Secondary research question:
? How can students make the best use of e-learning?
Primary sub-questions:
? Do the students at the college have the necessary technological knowledge?
? Do they regularly access e-content as part of their college learning?
? How do they use e-content in their college learning?

Which question(s) can be answered best using the library or internet?
Which question(s) will likely involve primary research?

Look at the mind map on student health from the phase 1. Make a question for secondary research.

Make a main question for primary research. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Make three sub-questions for primary research.

Main research questions (questions for primary research)
Using your mind map as a guide, follow the format above for your own research topic.
? Main question
? Questions for secondary research
? Primary sub-questions

Phase 3 ? Background research report and justification
Complete a written report of about 1000 words on the topic you have chosen to do your research assignment on. Work that is not your own writing will receive 0.
Including the following:
? Introduction
o State why you think the topic is important in general
o Include an overview of the topics you will report on background report
o State that the report will conclude with a proposal for research at ADMC

? Background report
o Organize your body under three to five subtopics (driver attitude, strategies for safe driving, maintenance and repair, driving in the UAE)

? Proposal for research
o State why you think this topic is important for the UAE
o Discuss what you would like to know in terms of the UAE
o Describe how your own research at the college may help you learn more in terms of the UAE

? References
o Include at least 4 APA referenced sources.
o Information presented as factual must be cited in APA format (i.e., statistics).
o Ideas, opinions or descriptions found during your research should also be cited.

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