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talk to a teenager about politics, families, school, religion, or any other topic that might reveal the way he or she thinks.Do you hear any adolescent egocentrism? Intuitive thinking ? Systematic thought ? Flexibility ? Cite examples.

your assignment must be:
1-thought : Follow guidelines : include all requirements .
2-accurate:your paper must correctly reflect the information about which you are writing . Must have accurate references and bibliography -MLA style.
3-Coherent, organized , and readable : your writing should be clear and easy to understand.
4-Make your report interesting and informative . Follow MLA style of writing .
5-Make it direct to the point and stay within page limit(3-5 pages , double spaced, 12pt. font, MLA format.
6-Grammatically and syntactically correct:use correct grammar, punctuation , spelling and appropriate paragraph breaks.
7- Must have first page with the following information:title of the paper , your name , course and class section, class day and time, professor’s name , and date submitted. Proper pagination on each page. Proper citation .Last page must have the reference/Bibliography using MLA style.

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