Research Paper of Anselm Kiefer’s Deutschlands Geisteshelden

The research paper of Anselm Kiefer’s Deutschlands Geisteshelden.

The following are guidelines for your research paper:


Use of casual words and phrasing, such as “like,” “you know,” “gives off,” “kind of,” “kinda,” and “well”

Short choppy sentences; your writing should flow

Repetition of the same wording

Lengthy run-on sentences or phrases

Your writing should not sound conversational; it should be more formal.

Padding your paper with large margins, multiple headings, larger than normal font


Concentrate on:

Always doing your best work; this includes your writing

Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

Explanation and description of imagery

Clarity and depth of ideas

Proofread! If you have any doubts, have a friend read your paper and give you feedback.

Use a thesaurus! They allow you to use more express language and will improve both your written and spoken vocabulary. Plus, they’re fun.



A cover sheet with your name, class, and class time on a single sheet of paper

1” margins all around, 11-12 point font

References that give credit to other sources


RESEARCH PAPER. You will select ONE of the venues listed below as the starting point for your Research Paper. Visit the specific exhibition described in the following pages.

Assignment. You will select a work of art by an artist in one of the exhibitions and write a 4-5 page, double spaced, typed paper that fulfills the following organizational requirements:

1. Introduction. Select one work of art for the focus of your paper. This can be a painting, drawing, or sculpture from any time period and made with any materials. In your introduction, state the name of the artist, title of the work (in italics), media, date and dimensions of the work. Identify the focal point of the work or what drew you to the work.

2. Body. The body of your paper will include both an analysis of the elements and principles of design and a description of subject matter.


Analysis. Discuss how the artist used any or all of these elements and principles of design in the work of art:


line shape color texture pattern

balance unity space form


Your descriptions of each should be very specific to the work, based on your observations.


Describe the subject matter of the work you’ve chosen. What concerns did the artist emphasize in this work? How effectively do you think the artist conveyed these concerns?


3. Conclusion / Reflection. How would you best describe the meaning of the work? Does the artist’s use of the elements and principles of design help convey the meaning? Why or why not?


Sources. You must have a minimum of TWO sources for your research. These should be authoritative, reputable sources and may include books, journals, videos, films, and reputable websites. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCE.


Writing Requirements: Your writing will be in the more formal third person, not in first person. Therefore, the use of “I”, “myself”, etc., is not acceptable. Use your very best writing. Proofread your work for errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, and clarity. You will use the MLA parenthetical, in text citation format for your paper. In other words, do not use footnotes, but citations in parentheses instead.

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