Research Project with analysis of findings and discussion

Topic: Research Project with analysis of findings and discussion

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Assessment Description:

You are required to write a DESK TOP research report that summarizes the analysis and interpretation of data from a social science research project that you have undertaken during the trimester. You may work with the same social problem used in Assessment 2 (SEE attached document for Assessment 2) or construct a social research question that is partially different.
In contrast to Assessment 2, the focus of this report is on data analysis and interpretation, i.e. you need to explain the significance of your findings. Your research report should not duplicate any discussion included in Assessment Two but, if based upon Assessment 2, should reflect the research objectives stated in that proposal (see Additional information below on how to reference previous assessment work).
Should you not wish to, or be able to carry out fieldwork, the data for the report can be exclusively obtained from non-obtrusive desktop research, as there is no expectation that you should engage with subjects to obtain data, nor is it a mandatory requirement to perform any fieldwork.
Reference materials
You should read widely to determine the structure and content that you think it most appropriate for your research project.
You must cite at least 10 academic references. At least three citations must refer to prior scholarly/institutional research in a related area. At least two citations must refer to research methods theory.
If the social problem studied is identical or almost identical to your second assessment it is acceptable to summarize the core findings of your critical literature review from your first assessment. This summary should only be four to six sentences in length and you must then list your second assessment as a reference. You will receive credit for this as a citation as it has been peer-reviewed by your lecturer. You must not copy any sentence verbatim from your assessment; you may only paraphrase and summarize it in an original manner.
This assignment will incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion; the work must be fully referenced with in-text citations and a reference list at the end. We recommend you work with your Academic Writing Guide to ensure that you reference correctly. We recommend a minimum of ten references. All in-text references (not just direct quotes) must include the specific page number/s if shown in the original.

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