Research Proposal: Research Question and Methodology

Topic: Research Proposal: Research Question and Methodology

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Drawing from my topic: Social Service and Human Nature: A Set of Entwined Concepts, and the review of literature you have been compiling, create a specific research question and possibly a small number of subquestions that will help you investigate the research problem. Remember, you will be using a qualitative methodology, so make your research question match the types of questions that methodology can answer. Your research question will be very specific. Drawing from the literature you have been compiling, provide a justification for your research question.

Develop your methodology and research plan to answer your research question, including:
* Research Methodology: Describe what research methodology you will use to answer your research questions and why it is an appropriate.
* Propose a Research Plan, including:

1. Participant Selection: If applicable, describe the site of the data collection. Explain who your participants will be and what method you will use to select them. Be specific as possible, as if you were giving directions to someone on how to choose and obtain the participants. include instructions on how to get informed consent from participants.

2. Data Collection: Discuss how you will collect the data (interviews, observations, documents, etc.). Tell what sort of questions you will ask (for interviews) or what you will look for (for observations) and why that will help you answer your study and what questions will be asked in an Appendix.

3. Appendix that contains your interview guide or other collection guide.

Content Criteria

Content includes:

* a research question(s) and Justification for the question,

* appropriate research methodology chosen,

* research plan including participant selection and plans for data collection method

* interview protocol (script) or other collection protocol

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