Resource Management Module 2: Managing Suppliers

Resource ManagementModule 2: Managing Suppliers

This module unlocks the receiving department, putting players in charge of managing the supply chain and material inventories to meet client needs. (15 Turns).

To gain access to this module, please log in to your McGraw-Hill student account and select the MGMT345 Master (Cape & Cullen), then select “Click here to launch MH Practice.” On the next screen, select “Assign & Play” to gain access to the various modules. Find “Module 2: Managing Suppliers” on the list and select “Play Game.” From that point, follow the instructions in the simulation.

The warehouse manager asked you to create a presentation for his staff. The presentation will discuss various aspects of inventory control and will include a sample inventory list as a comprehensive chart that lists all of the company’s internal resources: equipment, machines, technology, furniture, office supplies, and so forth.

Considering the company, its services, and its products and using what you learned in the game module, create a PowerPoint presentation that will address all internal resources of the organization and address the following:

Explain the “make to order” process
Quality considerations in the production process
Supplier deals and supplier quality, reliability, cost, and lead times
Raw material purchasing strategies
Explain the roles and uses of inventory
Explain techniques for effective inventory management
Explain the elements of lean and “just-in-time” approaches to supply chain management.
Create an inventory based on departments, units, and teams in a table providing elements of relevant categories (e.g., departments, materials, technology, office equipment, vendors, time line, cost, restocking dates, resource locations) using the inventory list template link below.
Inventory list template: Should be similar to this example

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