Respond to the following

Respond to the following
l. a.) Is this teacher effgftgvuegslt’lgrli: regarding the movie you selected:
effectiveness? If not, what could b :0, whatcharacteristics demonstrate
examples and make connection te one to Improve effectiveness? c.) Provide
2. av) Comment on the develo S 0 your own experiences and course content.
h . . Qmental level of the students. Be sure to consider all
aspects. p ys1cal, social co 1t1v a1
example what . ’ g“ .eg “10? , etc._b.) Relate tlus to course content. For
assess ’ t9 H 1mm.“ does Qognltlve development have on instruction and
men . ow Imght soc1al development affect the teacher’s choice of
Instructional strategies?
3.:‘ala)What IS the general impression conveyed by this movie in its depiction of
teachers and students? 3b.) What impact has this movie had on you as a future
teacher? 9,) What behaviors would you like to model in your classroom? d.) Why
would you want to model these behaviors or characteristics?:‘_‘e_,) Provide examples.
ia. Comment on motivational issues presented by teachers and studentstWh
4 I I O 0 I I I
aspects of motivatlon theories discussed in the text do you find in the meme? c.)
How might you resolve motivational issues of teachers and] or students?

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