responses based on book “clybourne park ” by Bruce Norris

very important that the essay should include the following questions based on a book Clybourne part , both ACT 1 and ACT 2.
1.Focus on a particular passage-an element that enrages you,make comments, explain your response.
2.what do we take for granted today, relative to the 1950s?comment on the racist,sexist,and homophobic jokes. the challenges the characters pose to each other make you uncomfortable? can reading/viewing this play impact/influence what we do, the choices we make? How does the material relate to you?
5. list few reasons why it is awkward to discuss difficult issues of race, class, socio-economic status.What topics are taboo in a social setting?
6.why is change a challenge?
7.what can you find out about the access to real estate for women and minorities over the years?especially years ago in the quest for the american dream and property?
8. what is “white flight: and how does it apply to the play?

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