Rhetorical Analysis (Suicide Awareness) PSA Video

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This is a mini Rhetorical Analysis Essay for my College English class.The essay is based off of a 30 second PSA (Commercial) video, with the essay I have to present a power point regarding a certain topic from the PSA itself , in my case I would like to cover Suicide Awareness for my PSA project. Your task is to “only” write a short mini Rhetorical Analysis based on that video. You are allowed to use outside information that connects with the topic, but you do need to Cite all works. Below is the layout of how the Rhetorical Analysis should be:

Paragraph 1: Small Intro
P2: Logos “ONLY” (Logos is the main Highlight of the essay so it needs to be around 6-7 sentences)
P3: Pathos & Ethos ( Ethos should be the main point in this paragraph write at-least 4-5 sentences and 3-4 sentences for pathos)
P4: Small Conclusion

**Link to the PSA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh_-BNpgn08&index=16&list=LLdx0rQfnKg4BFevPsPfjdmg

** Your gonna need to watch the video multiple times in order to get the Logos Pathos and Ethos**

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