Rhode Island

Article: http://web.uri.edu/quadangles/rhode-island-reflections-jhumpa-lahiri/
Answer the following questions after reading this article:
1.One purpose of the collection in which Jhumpa Lahiri?s essay appeared is to show the diversity of the fifty American States. How does Lahiri achieve the purpose? What details does she provide that are unique to Rhode Island or New England?
2.Lahiri is a novelist who alludes to other authors and their writing. Choose one allusion to a novel r short story, and explain how this reference enriches Lahiri?s narrative.
3.Lahiri gives both her personal history and a brief history of the stated in which she grew up. What connectiins might be drawn between the personal and the regional? Consider both the explicit and implicit connections.
4.Write an account of the region or state in which you grew up, integrating some of its history with your personal experience.

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