Risk Management Consultant Proposal

Risk Management Consultant Proposal
Risk Management Consultant Proposal

Imagine you are a team of consultants bidding on a project to provide risk management for an international event to be held in the future in a large U.S. city (Boston Marathon). Remember, you are trying to convince city officials that your firm is superior to all other bidders in identifying, managing, and responding to risk and critical incidents

Write a 650-750 word written proposal to city officials (Boston) that supports your bid including all of the following areas listed below. APA Format with in-text citations and references. Masters level work.
Scenario thinking-Boston Marathon

I. Scenario: Describe the event and possible threats/risks that might interfere with the success of the event

A. Details of the event:

1. Yearly Running and Walking Event

a. History

b. Major Marathon

c. Boston Athletic Association

2. Common risks

a. Weather

b. Terrain

c. Terrorist event

d. Medical

3. Participants

a. Number of Registered Participants

b. Controversial Issues

c. Prestigious

d. Spectators and vendors

e. Financial Considerations

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