Ronald Reagan, in his speech, demanded, “Mr. Gorbachev–tear down that wall!” (Smith, 118) Reflection

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You will answer the following four questions for each week. On the weeks that multiple chapters are assigned, the question responses will cover both chapters (that is, you only need to respond to the questions once for the week?you can combine your reflections from multiple chapters into one response):

1.Pick something that was interesting to you in this chapter, something that made you stop and think. Briefly explain this concept or theory to me. Tell us why it was interesting, what you think about it, what you wonder about it, what more you?d like to know. Your discussion may cover but should not be limited to the following questions: If you could discuss this concept with the person who came up with it, or with the authors of this textbook ? what would you ask or say? What new information did you learn from this reading? What new information do you most want to remember? What, if anything, will you do or think about differently now that you have this information?
2.Describe, in detail, a real life experience you?ve had that relates to a topic in this chapter. OR describe, in detail, a story or idea that you saw/heard/found in the media (TV, internet, books, etc) that relates to this chapter. (If nothing comes to mind ? do a Google search and find something!) Briefly explain the example (from your own life, or from the media) and how it relates to the reading.
3.Having read this chapter, what would you like to know more about? What piqued your curiosity? If you had unlimited funds to do further research in this area of study, what would you investigate? If you had unlimited time and energy to read and discuss and learn about anthropology, what from this chapter would you take the time to learn more about? (?Nothing? or ?I already know everything I want to know about this? are not acceptable answers. Pick something.)
4.Do you have any unanswered questions from this chapter? Any additional comments?

Reading Reflections Guidelines

Times New Roman 12 point font, 1? margins, double spaced
Answers must be numbered
Minimum of 250 words (use your word processing programs ?word count? tool to check)
To receive full credit, your reading reflections must be Edited ? free of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar errors
Demonstrate critical thought, show me that you?ve thought about the reading and have your own thoughts and analysis of what you?ve read.
Use formal academic language

Important: the e-text book is in the
Book review of Free to Choose
Paper details
The first paragraph should be short and should simply state the main concept of the book. The rest of the paper should be your analysis and application of the book and its ideas. I am looking for some original thought here not just a repetition of what the author has said. Your book review must also have a cover page, (Not included as part of the 2 pages) that has your name the title of your book, and a signed statement indicating that you have read ______% of the book.

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