–Safety Climate/ How can you measure it…..

Questions for the article —-Safety Climate/ How can you measure it…..
1. What do you think that Jane the truck driver and Joe the lineman should do?

2. You are to describe the difference and similarities between the terms safety culture and safety climate.

3. The authors suggest that employees’ perceptions are influenced by what they see, such as how well supervisors and managers support safety. What do you think influences these perceptions?

a. What specifically would you suggest to a supervisor/manager should do to influence the perceptions of their employees?
b. Why are we paying so much attention to perceptions?

4. What is the difference between validity and reliability? How would I know that my survey is both valid and reliable?

5. The survey shows that safety climate affects safety behavior. What is it that the authors suggest through their research that supports the previous statement?

6. The authors tell us it is important to have all employees be given an opportunity to take the survey. Do you agree with that position, or not? Be prepared to defend your answer.

7. In the event that you have an employee who is illiterate:

a. Would it be important for that/these individuals to participate in the survey?
b. If it were important to have them complete the survey, how would you accommodate their inability to read?

8. What is the ultimate purpose of attempting to measure safety climate in an organization?

9. The author suggests that once the surveys are completed, one of the issues that should be checked are differences between locations and/or departments (IE pilots, mechanics, ATC, etc.). Do you think this is a meaningful analysis? Why or why not?

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