safety material

safety material
Q1-List 5 principles of learning.
Q2-Explain the key elements of a lesson plan?
Q3-Explain the domino theory of accident causation, including its origin and its impact on more modern theories.

Q4-Explain the systems theory of accident causation.

Q5-Explain each of the steps in the four-step teaching method.
Q6-Explain why auditing an Occupational Health and Safety Management is necessary.
Q7-Explain why the Westray Mine disaster is important to the workplace health and safety movement.
Q8-Joint occupational health and safety committees (JOHSC) are a key component of any Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).
Q9-Cape Breton Manufacturing Ltd.,
a) Explain how you feel about Mr.Risktoous’s new approach to saving money and whether or not you think his approach to new hire training will in fact save the company money in the long run.

b) List and explain five (5) possible reasons that this approach could fail and ultimately cost the company much more than the original new hire orientation and safety training program.
Q10-Explain why accident rates in developing countries are high and what steps or actions workplaces can take to help reduce this problem.
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