Sales Presentation

For this assignment, you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation that summarizes for a hypothetical boss your sales strategy and approach; in other words, the process, steps, and information you would follow and use as a new salesperson. The slides should describe your approach to the sales presentation, not be a sales presentation itself. The goal is to demonstrate that you understand the consultative selling process.
Include 2?4 slides for each of the following main components of the sales presentation, using your example product. Be sure to clearly organize your information to highlight key components.
Describe product or service.
Describe target customer and provide a profile.
Define a qualified prospect.
Describe qualification process.
Prospecting and communication:
Describe prospecting methods.
Describe ways to achieve good social contact.
Describe methods to achieve good business contacts.
Describe a typical sales cycle (how many calls).
Presentation preparation:
Determine sales approach: team versus individual sales approach? Explain why.
Describe functions of those involved.
Give location of presentation.
Explain equipment and supporting collateral.
Provide timing of presentation, length, et cetera.
Is this a demonstration, presentation, or both?
Sales presentation components:
List presentation objectives.
Provide questions to determine prospect needs.
Give features and benefits.
Provide the key message.
Explain which selling tools you will use.
Explain how you will negotiate sales resistance.
Describe any anticipated sales resistance and level of severity or concern.
Explain how you plan to provide resolution or response to resistance.
Closing the sale:
Provide your closing clue.
Give your closing method.
Provide a closing statement.
After sale service:
Describe additional items you will suggest to the customer.
How will you assist the customer with delivery and/or installation, warranty and/or service contract, and securing credit arrangements?
What type of post-sale courtesy contacts will you make?
Method of adding value.
Message to customer.
Post sale contact plan/relationship building.
Remember that this is not a sales presentation itself, but a presentation of how you would go about this presentation.

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