sample tatical elements

sample tatical elements

dEach student shall submit at least three sample tactical elements – applied pieces of public relations writing — whose use is proposed in the public relations
campaign plan. At least ONE tactic must come from the list of options below. What you choose to do for the other required tactics is up to you, but make sure to
create substantive elements that are relevant to PR efforts.

Do make sure your choices of tactical elements make sense given your target publics, their communication preferences, and other elements of your plan. The Writing
Outline will help you to do this.

News Release for print (newspaper or wire service).
Public Service Announcement package (spot or as-recorded) for radio.
Backgrounder for the organization’s website.
Editorial Piece (Op-Ed) for a newspaper.
All tactics should be formatted and written as per the generally accepted standards for that tactic, while accounting for submission standards of receiving outlets.
You will rely much more heavily on Associated Press style for this deliverable than APA.

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Submission Feedback





Concise summary that includes a list of proposed tactics and information on specific tasks to be executed as part of each tactic. Detailed and organized.

Good start. Appropriate PR tactics. Offer more detail for tactics: Which media outlets? How will you use social media platforms (a Facebook Live event?)? How will
you implement “community relations”, specifically? Events? Partnership pledge drive?

Gantt Chart

Visual summary of implementation plan, including:

Tasks to be executed as part of each tactic
Person or entity (e.g., your PR firm or an appropriate department at your client organization) responsible for said tasks
Execution schedule.
The Gantt chart should break down specific tasks for completion of each tactic. By clearly defining each tactic, it will be apparent which tasks are necessary for
successful completion.


Polished, graduate-level writing. Professional, clear and direct. Few typos.

Good start


Meets page count, good organization.

Good start

File #1

Summary of Implementation Plan
PRPA 650/ Professor Hutchins
LaTonya Williams
March 27, 2017

The plan gives a roadmap for conducting public relations activities in Changing Turn Community Healthcare Services. Development of a public relations plan is
recommended by the Changing Turn Community Healthcare Services management committee to help in the fulfillment of the mission of the NGO of addressing the mental
health challenges of the youth and families living around Baltimore Maryland area.
Overall goal
The overall goal is to increase understanding, awareness and proper utilization of the Changing Turn Community Health Services Organization among the patients,
providers offering similar services to the entire Baltimore community. To ensure effective implementation of the plan, Changing Turn Community Healthcare will utilize
the following tactics:
• Media Relations
• Mass Media Advertisement
• Non-Traditional Media
• Community Relations
• Stakeholder Relations
To increase public awareness about Changing Turn Community Healthcare services, the below media relations will be used: Communication resource toolkits, Public service
announcement, story leads, featured articles, conferences as well as news leads.
Communication resource toolkits- through the use of the toolkits, Changing Turn Community Healthcare will develop several materials to explain types of healthcare
services offered, the possible advantages and areas of location of the facilities to enable timely healthcare service delivery. Changing Turn Community Healthcare will
also use the public announcements of key locations such as market places, churches, sports days and other social entertainment and charity events. Vehicles equipped
with the public address system will be moving from one location to another to ensure the entire Baltimore community is informed.
Story leads will also be used by Changing Turn Community Healthcare in developing story leads that inform the public about mental health concerns in youth as well as
the growing epidemic of behavioral issues. The leads will then be distributed to several broadcasting and even in the public places like parks. Changing Turn Community
Healthcare will also develop related feature articles. The articles will provide insights to heath related symptoms and signs and upon publication will be distributed
to local and industry specific magazines and newspaper outlets. The articles will also be published in the health-related newsletters, ethnic media, and local
publications to ensure the mental health awareness reaches a majority of the targeted publics.
Changing Turn Community Healthcare will also use news conferences in order to share the information about the organizations healthcare services offered as well as the
advantages of being treated in their facilities. The news related will be used to convey the information about the healthcare organization as well and the offered
services in the community.
Changing Turn Community Healthcare will use contemporary mass media due to the fact that they are cost-effective and has the potential to reach a large number of the
targeted publics with same message. Changing Turn Community Healthcare will use the following mass media channels to reach Baltimore and neighboring communities:
 Newspapers
 Cable TV and Broadcast
 Radio stations
 Billboards
Television will be used by Changing Turn Community Healthcare to showcase the organization, the healthcare services and the necessary support from government and other
non-governmental organizations. Television will offer a good platform for audiences- both press audiences who can hear, see and even those with special needs will be
catered for through the use of sign language. The information to be captured will include newly diagnosed conditions, prevention, intervention and treatment. The
symptoms of the behavioral health and mental conditions will be projected and explained. Those people with questions will be allowed to ask through mobile texts, and
calls as well as social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Changing Turn Community Healthcare team will also use the public broadcast channels to reach
donors and even well wishes through the material support and conveying their healthcare services information.
The NGO will use newspapers to publish about the institution and the healthcare services offered. The other information that will be in the newspapers will include the
locations of the organization facilities, the contacts (mobile numbers and emails), the costs per given conditions and even time service availability throughout the
week. The newspapers will be used to showcase the management structure of Changing Turn Community Healthcare hence ease of sharing information with the relevant
stakeholders. The newspapers will also be used to advertise the possible employment opportunities as well as the schedule training programs for the students, health
practitioners and the entire community. Changing Turn Community Healthcare will also use the platform to provide information about the public requests such as security
as well as project acceptability within the Baltimore community.
Finally, Changing Turn Community Healthcare will also use billboards. The billboards will be used to show the direction to the different institution facilities. Also,
the billboards will be used to communicate the contacts such addresses as well as emails and business social media domains. The billboards will be utilized to enhance
the showcase of possible projects and gain community support.
Changing Turn Community Healthcare will use the four primary modern media platforms. This is due to the fact that most people are embracing technological advancements.
The non- traditional media to be used are:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Blogs
 WhatsApp

Since non-traditional media has significant impact on the behaviors and social attitudes of people related to the mental health issues having relevance on these
platforms would be a great way to reach the public. The efficiency and the cost effectiveness of these platforms will make it easy for timely and quality delivery of
information. These platforms not only offer room of privacy but also public sharing of information allowing the people to interact directly with the Changing Turn
Community Healthcare team. Changing Turn Community Healthcare will use its Facebook accounts to share the information pertaining to the services offered, cost attached
and e the location of all the facilities. The Facebook page will facilitate sharing between the clients and the Changing Turn Community Healthcare teams at a comfort
level and ease with no additional costs such as travel.

Changing Turn Community Healthcare will consider two main community approach tactics, the public seminars and talks with community outreach will help find
opportunities to work effectively with the local communities in delivering mental health services. First, the organization will establish new and build on existing
partnerships by attending community events, meetings and also facilitate their own conferences. It will also seek support from the stakeholders and partners to raise
awareness on mental health issues and the services offered by the organization that will address challenges. The organization will support events of the stakeholders
within the region, this will ensure the effective delivery of important messages about the activities, operations, and events.

Stakeholder Relations
The commitment of the stakeholders is an important factor for the success of the public relations plan. This is because the stakeholders have a great potential of
extending the organization’s messages reaching out and influencing the target segments. The organization will employ various tools in building this strategic
relationship. The tools include building a list of stakeholders and topics, investing resources, attention and time in nurturing and cultivating stakeholders. It also
involves establishing relationships to influence the community and political leaders giving them the necessary tools to communicate the organization’s messages to the
general public. This will also involve encouraging all stakeholders to educate the community on mental health issues, building relationships within the organizations
that offer the same services and seeking the input of stakeholders on mental health issues through consultations and surveys.


Activity Management
Government All employees
volunteers Physicians
Publication Physicians


relations 100%
Community Relations 0%
Non-Traditional Media 0%
Media Relations 0%
Mass Media Relations
The Red Blocks represents the duration to be taken by each tactic e.g. Stakeholder relations- 3 moths (90-days)

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