Samsung Company

Paper on Samsung Company
I need a research paper for Samsung Company. I DO NOT need cover page or page number. I need certain parts in which I have explained at the bottom. Each parts should be at least 2 pages double space 12 font. I also need a reference as well apa style.

Marketing plan

a) Target market/Profile of target customer

b) how customers will be identified and attracted to your business

c) selling approach, types of sales force, and type of distribution

d) type of sales promotion and advertising

e) credit and pricing policies

Management plan

a) management team and qualifications

b) other investors and qualifications

c) outside resource people

d) plans for recruiting and training employees

Operating plan

a) operating or manufacturing methods used to produce the product

b) describe operating facilities (location, space, equipment)

c) quality control methods to be used

d) procedures used to control inventory

e) sources of supply

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