Samsung Project

This project will address a public entity and the current challenges that the company is currently experiencing.  The question is rich enough that all of the principles that we learn about in class are involved.  Your task, as a team, will be to identify challenges that the corporation faces and how those challenges should be addressed.  There is no right or wrong answer, however, some answers are much more viable than others.  Your creative strategic thinking skills will be employed here to the highest degree since you have entered graduate school. Previous classes have turned in papers that were 20-30 pages in length, with adequate and sufficient detail that is representative of A quality undergraduate level work.

My expectation is that your paper and presentation will be similar to what you would provide a corporate CEO in business.  A student work product that is a loose amalgamation of internet collected data without any rich, robust strategic analysis is not what this project is about.  You are expected to use academic references which are contained in the library.  My expectations are high, just like your CEO’s are.  The CEO wants first quality work—so do I.

The “mind carrot” that you may wish to consider is the following:

                  As a new employee, you have been assigned to a team to resolve an operations management problem that has been recently identified by corporate management.  You are a part of the team that is charged with analyzing the problem, identifying the solution and identifying the implementation steps that management would be expected to take to successfully implement your identified solution.

                  A written report will be required which is thorough, complete and comprehensive.  This report will have a thorough discussion of the background of the problem, the identified challenges that your team was asked to address, your identified solution and how that solution would be successfully implemented.  Extensive background research is expected to be included in this report.  Any and all references used must be cited.  Reference cite verification may be employed.  No references can be cited that are purely internet based.  All references must be bona fide academic references.


                  Your final report may contain MS Excel spreadsheets, MS VISIO, MS Access or MS Project charts embedded in the report along with a rich, robust analytical framework to support and buttress any and all recommendations that you proffer.  Because expenditure of corporate funds may be involved, a detailed financial analysis should also be included.  This financial analysis should be in table format which allows for easy review, analysis and understanding.

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