“Save Our History”

Civil Rights Essay Watch the video, Voices of Civil Rights, from the TCCD Streaming video database. Please access the TCCD Library Streaming Video page and select “American History in Video” from the TCC Film Sources line. Type “Voices of Civil Rights” in the search bar under the title at the top of the page. Click on the result in “Titles and Series.” This video is part of the “Save Our History” series from The History Channel, and it is 45 minutes long. The video contains a transcript on the right. You may also be able to download the video to your mobile device. http://search.alexanderstreet.com.ezp.tccd.edu/cite/share/brief/bibliographic_entity%7Cvideo_work%7C1787023 https://search.alexanderstreet.com/preview/work/1787023 After watching the video, write an essay (approximately 500-600 words, double-spaced!) about how it made you think about voting and how the government treated minority groups prior to the 21st century. Have we overcome these issues? Find some connections between civil rights, equality and voting. Do we still have inequality issues with regards to political participation? Why or why not? Give an example to support your answer. Pay particular attention to the dying man’s last words. How does that affect YOUR view of voting? Due Date: Sunday, Nov 22 at 11:00pm”Save Our History”

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