Selecting a Planning Model

Program planning models are often used by public health professionals when assessing complex health issues. These models are essential to program planning as each provides a framework through which specific health issues can be accurately examined. While using a model increases the likelihood of a successful program, it does not ensure its success. Rather, careful consideration of the fit between the model and the target population, the target behavior, and the environment of the program are essential before selecting a model. For instance, if the public health program you were planning was targeting elementary school children, you need to select a model that takes into consideration that the majority of young children are concrete thinkers and often struggle with abstract concepts. For this section of your Course Project, you select a planning model that best fits with your public health program.

To Prepare for this Assignment:

  • Applying Planning Models. Pay attention to the planning models used for public health programs.
  • Select a model you think best fits with your public health program. (Previous Assignmnet)
  • Consider how you would use the model to create your public health program. Think about the target population of your public health program.
  • Consider potential sources of funding for your public health program.
  • Review the Healthy People 2020 Potential Partners web article and the CDC Organizational Chart in your Learning Resources. Reflect on what partners you might mobilize for your public health program.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

  • A brief explanation of the public health need you identified.
  • Describe the population whom you plan to target for your public health program and explain why.
  • Describe potential sources of funding.
  • Describe the partners you might mobilize and explain why.
  • Describe the planning model you would use for your public health program and explain why this model is an appropriate match.

Your written Assignments must follow APA guidelines.

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