Self-Analysis Paper

Paper details
Below are suggestions that will help you attend to all aspects of the Rubric so you get full credit:

-Be sure to put appropriate headings for each section as you write
-THIS IS AN APA PAPER?Do not list the questions and type the answers underneath. You need to have an introduction, headings, well-written and organized, then a conclusion that brings everything together.

? How do you describe yourself culturally? What do you value? Give examples.
? Address which identity development model best fits you. Describe the stage/status you are at currently?
? Discuss what it would take for you to move to the next stage/status?
? How does your cultural background influence how you interact with others? Give examples. Examples should be positive and negative.
? Describe what you?ve learned about yourself this semester.
? Describe some of the things you?ve learned about other cultures this semester.

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