Server-Side Technology 

The Week 2 Assignment should consist of the following section:

Server-Side Technology  (1–1.5 pages)
Based on what you have learned in the course, which technology platform would you choose, and why? Remember that although we are using ASP.NET for this course, developing in Visual Basic, and using Microsoft Access as our RDBMS, this solution does not work in every circumstance. You might choose to use an open source solution, such as LAMP (described in the lecture) if your company has a reduced budget. You might upgrade to Oracle and multiple web servers if you need massive scalability. You might also choose to have a small site hosted by an external hosting company.

You should create a cost estimate of the required technology platform. Make sure to include licenses for your server, if required (IIS), physical hardware components (your server machine), a static IP address, your domain name, any security issues, licenses for your web application platform (e.g., ASP.NET), your database server (e.g., Oracle), and your development time (how many developers at what salary for how many months).




Grading Rubrics

Grading Rubric for Weeks 1–4, 6, and 7 Submissions

Category Points % Description
Documentation and Formatting  7  20% Follows correct APA format. Overall appearance of the document is clean, readable, and professional. Statements are supported, as needed, by credible, authoritative industry or academic sources. Sources are cited as in-text citations with full information on each source in the reference list.
Editing, Organization, and Cohesiveness  7  20% Writing is clear, readable, and professional; free of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There is a logical flow of ideas within each section and across sections. There is a consistent, unified view of the proposed system.
Content  21  60% All required information for the section is presented as per the guidelines above. Any required charts or tables are present. Contents are clear, specific, and technically accurate.
Total  35 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Best Practices

  • Page counts are outlined in each assignment milestone.
  • Assignments should follow APA format (title page, in-text citations, reference page, font type/size, spacing, paragraph indentation, etc.).
  • Do not use clip art anywhere in the assignments, not even on the cover page.
  • No more than two spelling or grammar mistakes are allowed throughout the entire paper. More than this will result in a point deduction.
  • Incorporate feedback from your instructor into future assignments and the final project.
  • Do not leave any isolated headings at the bottom of a page.
  • Adhere to Standard Edited American English.


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