Service Marketing Plan

Description/Focus: Marketing Plan (Services Marketing)

Length: 2000 words maximum

Task: You are required to write a marketing plan for a specific SERVICE product of your choice. It can be in any country. The SERVICE must be existing in the market.
The marketing plan should be a realistic attempt to market the service in a clearly defined market.

Writing of a business plan requires access to valid and reliable data and
relevant information. You should review credible secondary data (Academic sources) to provide justification for your planned actions, particularly the marketing mix strategy.

Assignments must contain a cover page
List of references should be on a separate page (Harvard style)
Double spacing is required
12pt Times New Roman

Assessment criteria:
Structure of the plan (Marks 5)
Evidence of extensive research (Marks10)
Quality of arguments (Marks10)
Content (Marks 10)
Clarity and effective communication (Marks 5)
Evidence of practical application of plan (Marks10)

Assingment Details:
? Marketing plan should be for a specific service rather than organization.
? The service should be currently on offer or to be launched soon (new or existing service).
? Target market may be local, regional, national or international.

FormatOf Marketing Plan:
1. Analysis of current situation
This section should present relevant background information on:
? Target market characteristics
? Service information
? Competitive situation and
? Relevant ?macro environment? information
2. Key issues analysis
? After summarising the current marketing situation, this section of the plan should do the SWOT analysis.
? This section should also clearly define the main issues that the plan must address.
3. Objectives
After specifying the issues, the plan must spell out the objectives that it will address.
Two types of objectives can be set: FINANCIAL OR MARKETING.

Example: The marketing focuses on
Brand awreness or market share needs to increase from 6% to 8% or increase in customer satisfaction.
(narrow down to specific segment).
4. Marketing Mix Strategy
? The plan must clearly lay out the broad marketing mix strategy or the game plan that will be used to achieve the objectives set earlier. (Doesn?t need to dicuss all 7Ps of marketing mix. Just focus on most important and relevant to the chosen service).
? This section is important as it provides the key recommendation of the marketing mix elements for the service.
? The recommendations must be logical, theoretically sound, justified and practicable.
Example: Pricing is right and there?s no need to change it?. Or
Promotion needs to develop the marketing communication
because of the new technology.
5. Action Plan
Needs to be done in systematic manner. The game plan must be explained in terms of
? What will be done? > (Timeline to state specific action, what kind of resources do you have?).
? When it will be done?
? Who will do it?
? How much will be spent? e.g ?percentage figure? $900 marketing spend for promotion because this is the business scenario?..

6. Control
? The last section of the marketing plan should provide details of control processes that will be put in place to monitor the progress.(This is the plan B on what alternative action should take place)
? Typically the goals and budgets are spelled out for a defined time period such as months or a quarter (What is the fallback position? must review the objective if it?s too ambitious and disuss what happen to the budget)
? Some control system include information on contingency plans to address adverse developments (Needs to find out what gone wrong and do remedial action)

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