Sexual disfunctions

I need for the fallowing questions to be answered in 2 pages each it must be Exceptionally clear, accurate and thorough Precise and insightful use of concepts, recognizing their implications as well as meaning Individual elaborates and embellishes critical issues Exceptionally good synthesis; flow and integration among issues raised Concise expression, well focused on key issues

1) From a sociological perspective, discuss why many people have a hard time interacting with those who are different from themselves, specifically focusing on ONE of the following: people with disabilities, nonheteronormative sexual orientations, or nonmonogamous relationship styles. Discuss a theoretical approach from this course that could be used to help alleviate this problem.
2) Using ethics from the helping professions, discuss how one could help someone who has pedophilic tendencies. Support your ideas with evidence from at least one source.
3) Discuss how the practice of BDSM could be used to promote a functional relationship model for other types of relationships. Support your ideas with evidence from at least one source.

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