Sexual harassment or hostile work environment

Please determine whether each of the four scenarios constitutes sexual harassment or not. Please be sure to explain “why” the scenario is or is not sexual harassment and if it is, please determine whether it is “quid pro quo” sexual harassment or “hostile work environment.

Mary and Bill work in the same department and have know each other for over a year, Mary and bill are friendly, but nothing romantic has occurred between them. One day, Mary asks Bill if he would like to go out after work.

Charles is attracted to his coworker, Shelly, but Shelly is unaware of the attraction. He tells her one morning, “You look really nice today.”

At a company party, employees are called up individually to receive year end bonuses. Susan is shocked to discover whereas the men in her department receive cash, she and her female co-workers receive flowers.

Adam and a co-worker are looking at sexually explicit Website. Someone walks in and see the Website That person is offended and reports the incident to Adam’s supervisor, who never tells Adam about the complaint. The person walks into Adam’s office three more times in the next several months and again sees sexually explicit material on Adam’s screen. The person never tells Adam that he is offended.

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