Sexuality Education essay questions

Sexuality Education essay questions
Each essay question should fill one page, more or less. Please start each question on a new

page and number it with Chapter and Question #. Do not include the original question with your answer.

Answers to the essay questions come specifically from the source

Hock, R. R. (2016). Human Sexuality (4th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

Do not use other alternative resources

Chapter 4

1) Describe Lee’s different styles of love and his advice on how to find a compatible love


2) Discuss John Gottman’s three patterns of effective communication most often seen in

healthy relationships. Also describe Gottman’s communication warning signs he called

the “four horseman of the relationship apocalypse.”

Chapter 6

1 Discuss the positive functions of sexual fantasies.

2 Discuss ways in which sexual fantasies may cause problems.

3 Discuss gender differences in sexual fantasizing.

4 Discuss the importance of understanding the difference between fantasy and


Chapter 7

Discuss the possible reasons for sexual problems including the

biological/physiological, psychological, relationship, and cultural aspects

Chapter 8 (this one’s answers will not be contiguous in the source)

8) List and explain six risk factors for STIs. Also discuss five strategies for preventing


Chapter 12

9) Summarize what is known about infant sexual development including childhood sexual

behaviors such as masturbation and sex play. When would childhood sexual behavior

be considered not “normal?”

10) Discuss sexuality in college age students including sexual activity, STI’s, and the

alcohol-sex link.

Chapter 13

12) Discuss the various categories of child sexual abuse: pedophilia, child molestation,

and incest. Also describe the effects of child sexual abuse on victims.

13) Discuss sexual harassment including the legal definition (summarized in your own

words), categories of sexual harassment, and what conditions usually warrant conduct

of a sexual nature to be considered harassing. Aslo, describe the effects of sexual

harassment on the victim.


14) identify 10 major topics that you feel would be most important to include

in a well-rounded comprehensive sexual health course. These can be major chapter

headings or subheadings within a chapter.

For each topic that you have chosen, develop and explain two “Enduring

Understandings” that could be used to develop a lesson plan. An enduring

understanding is an overarching message that you believe delivers the main point(s)

of the topic. In other words, as a sexual health educator, if you were teaching this

topic, what is the enduring message you hope each student would remember 5 years

from now?

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