Short answers

Short answers

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Qu.1 Explore (in a minimum of 200 words) one of the popular topics debated over the idea of Culture.
(for example: current discussions on the issue of poverty, or current discussions on the issue of globalization, or current discussion on the issue of Privacy). In this assignment include the current topics being discussed (both sides of the debate)

Qu. 2 Think about a behavior trait in yourself or someone you know. To what extent do you think that behavior is the result of the person’s physical make-up? If you do not think that the behavior is attributable to physical characteristics, what do you think is responsible for that behavior?(150-200 words)

Qu. 3 In about 200 words, what are some of the signs of a personality disorder? How are they different from normal changes

Qu. 4 Write a brief essay profiling the female, male, and adolescent child abusers(150-250 words)

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