Should women stay home and raise their children instead of studying and working?

– argumentative, and my opinion would be that women should study and work instead of staying at home and raising their children. – 4 books sources that i can find them pdf online. or if you could send the copies of the books.
COL 240
Dr. Chrysavgi Papagianni

Assignment 1: Research

Deadline: Hard copy in class on Thursday, Sept. 22

During weeks 1 ? 5 of the course, you should choose a research topic, brainstorm the topic, find some reliable sources on your topic and read these. Your research and reading will help you to think of a clear research focus and research thesis.

The purpose of this assignment is to check your research and reading.

The assignment should include the following elements;

? Some of the search terms you have used while looking for sources (at least 4)

? An annotated bibliography (in APA style) of at least 4 library sources you have found interesting, with a brief summary (1-2 sentences) explaining how the source relates to your topic or why it is useful to you.

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