Sillicosis: Partial Presentation – Public Health and Policy Standpoint
Hi scholars, need a presentation on Sillicosis:

Need this to be in the Public Health Standpoint,

how it affects people around the world, USA, but mainly Indonesia

please reference information: also, i need a write up for all the slides – meaning expand the talking points, photos;

needs to be a 5 minute presentation, so probably 5-8 slides.

Will pay 30

—>What is Sillicosis

Effects of Sillicosis on Health

Deaths, Long term and short term

Affected: some statistics: in USA, WORLD,and Indonesia

Relation to Mining workers(explicitly in the rock industry/quarry)

Problems with Silicosis

What can be done to prevent exposure

include a slide or two regarding —> Implications of Trump’s change in Coal stance, health implications, black lung disease etc.

Policy’s that need to be implemented, and how Health insurance is affected(in USA)

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