Singapore Chemical Systems Technologies (SCST)

Singapore Chemical Systems Technologies (SCST)

SCST is a “high tech” company involved in process and biotechnology. SCST is in the process of building a new production facility in Technology Park, Singapore. The facility is to use completely new technology not used anywhere else in the world except on an experimental basis in Japan. This experimental system cannot be used to define jobs, as it is a small-scale facility and is inadequate for this purpose. The positions in the experimental process also cannot be used as model jobs. Premises are being constructed and the installation of equipment will commence in three months. The company wishes to have 45 Singaporean based employees involved in the installation and start-up process. At this stage they only wish to employ Singaporean residents though this may change as the facility comes up to production.

It is explained that the first 45 employees will be responsible for bringing the new plant up to production after completing training. The senior management team is already in place. The organisational structure is to be flat with only four levels in the production area. The plant is expected to employ some 250 people when in production on a 24/7 roster. They have requested your consultancy to make a submission for the selection contract. Two other consultancies are being considered. The initial requirement is that you succinctly outline how you would go about hiring 45 people (15 supervisory and 30 senior operators) for the organisation. These people will be using the new technology directly and are seen as the core group whose expertise will be vital to the success of the enterprise. A salary above the normal local rate is being offered to all positions. Salary and allowances are to be paid whilst undertaking training in Japan.

The company intends to recruit the 45 from local applicants prior to the plant opening and provide training courses for them. The course will require the trainees to spend 8 weeks at an associated company’s Japanese training centre. There will be one return airfare budgeted for each selectee for a return visit to Singapore for three days after four weeks training. This group will then become supervisors (15) and senior operators (30) in the new production facility. It is expected that the senior operators will be eligible to become supervisors at a later date.

The training commences in 10 weeks’ time and cannot be changed. The SCST people indicate that they wish to proceed quickly with the program as they want to get into production before their competitors have a chance to duplicate the technology. They appreciate that this is a form of crisis hiring and wish to award the contract within the next five days in order to have the people selected in time for commencement of the training program and to process visa applications.

SCST has indicated that prior experience of process work is preferred but not essential for the senior operators. For the others some previous process experience or basic qualification is preferred. Position descriptions have not been developed yet. In fact, the company does not wish to use them as they see these as too restrictive. They are also requesting that you indicate the characteristics and skills you would look for in the applicants.


a. Provide a selection system or processes you would use to recruit and select the required people, along with a justification for this system.

b. Describe and justify the criteria, characteristics and skills used for selection.

c. Justify the selection devices you use.

d. The selection system should cover the full process from recruitment through to final selection.

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