Social and Behavioural Sciences

Social and Behavioural Sciences

For this assignment you will be focusing on the first social science covered in the course: anthropology. Remember that anthropology can be broken down into physical

and cultural anthropology. Using articles, you will further discuss the relevance of anthropology by applying its principles.

To complete the assignment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find one article about a topic in physical anthropology and one article about a topic in cultural anthropology. Try to find articles that deal with topics that

interest you. The article must be at least one pagelong and should be within the last five years.

NOTE: It’s best to find articles in newspapers or magazines (either online or hard copy). Do not use an internet article that does not have an author. The following

are relevant topics:

Physical Anthropology:

Human Genetics

Human Blood Types

The Idea of Race


Cultural Anthropology:

Human Language

Values, Norms and Beliefs

Cultural Biases

Other possible topics should be discussed with me. In fact, it’s a good idea if you first confirm your articles with me.

Step 2: Address the following questions about each article:

Briefly indicate what the article is about (1/2 page) – You must meet the length requirement (anything shorter or longer will be penalized)

For this part of the paper, simply describe what the article is about and use references to the article. Make sure to refer to the article directly, using sentences

that start with “According to the article….” Or “The author argues….”

Explain how the articles relate to anthropology (3/4 page) – You must meet the length requirement (anything shorter or longer will be penalized)

For this part of the assignment, make sure to relate both the articles to relevant concepts that we have discussed in the course. You MUST reference the textbook and

lecture notes. Make sure to clearly explain how your article relates to our course content.

Explain why you choose the article and perhaps how it pertains to your life experiences (as well as other people) (1/2 page)

For this part, show that you understand the significance of the article. Discuss how it helps you better understand the topic in the article, how it relates to you or

other people. There are no references for this part.

Step 3: Make sure that you have used proper academic referencing (APA format)

Step 4: Attach the articles to the assignment

DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. Any assignment that does not have proper academic referencing, and/or has direct wording from other sources will not be marked. Follow the

APA referencing procedures, as discussed in class.

Marking Scheme

Articles /2

-academic articles for anthropology

-attached to assignment


-summary of article /2

-how it relates to anthropology

(use content from class and textbook) /4

-how it relates to your life experiences /2

Referencing /3

-both in text and reference page

Spelling and Grammar /2

Total /15

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