Assignment Description: Students will complete a brief online assessment and then personally reflect on their assessment results in a one-page, typed paper.
This assignment is worth 5% of your overall grade.
Instructions: To complete the online assessment, students should:
2. Click the “Take a Test” button at the top, center part of the page.
3. Click, “I wish to proceed.”
4. Select ?Race IAT? from the blue buttons that appear on the left side of the page.
5. Click the “Begin Here” link to complete a computer-based assessment that measures how rapidly you are able to categorize various words and images from unrelated categories.
6. After completing the online assessment, answer the following questions in a one-page, typed reflection paper. Your paper should address the following:
a. Reflect on your IAT results (you are not required to share your exact results). Describe whether or not your results mirrored your expected attitudes.
b. Describe what those results mean using information from the text and/or academic sources.
c. Based on what you have read in your text and/or through outside research, describe how such attitudes influence interracial relations.
d. Describe how verbal and nonverbal communication make implicit attitudes explicit to others.
e. Based on what you have read in the text and/or through outside research, describe ways in which implicit attitudes influence others? values, economic opportunities, beliefs, communication styles, and behaviors.
7. Include a References page that lists the sources you used. For information about how to format a references page visit Purdue Owl.
8. Spell and grammar check your reflection paper, and save it as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF file.
9. Upload your reflection paper to the Assignments tab in Blackboard Learn on or before the due date posted in the Course Calendar.

Evaluation: Your reflection paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Needs Improvement Good Excellent
Self-awareness Refutes the existence of personal attitudes and biases Recognizes personal attitudes and bias Articulates insights about personal attitudes and biases
Worldview and Frameworks Fails to state how implicit attitudes shape others? experiences Recognizes that implicit attitudes effect others? life experiences Explains the dynamics with which implicit attitudes affect others? realities
Skills Fails to take the perspective of another group Describes the viewpoint of self and one other Describes several viewpoints in a supportive manner
Communication Fails to describe who implicit biases are communicated Describes ways that implicit biases are communicated Explains the ways in which implicit biases are communicated, and how communication can be better negotiated between diverse others


Tom Kotsopolous is the CFO of Hellenic Olive Oil Inc. He is researching the option of creating an internal audit function for the company. Kotsopolous asked you to prepare a memorandum explaining what are the best practices regarding organization, focus and the reporting structure of an internal audit department.

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