Social Issue in a Global Environment


  • Give a brief description of the country and background of the social problem you are addressing (history, prevalence, etc.).
  • Explain how the political policies of the country impact the issue.
  • Explain how this issue affects the people in this country (day to day life, present and future impact, etc.)
  • Identify which citizens are the most vulnerable and why.
  • Describe what measures, if any, are being taken to help with the issue.
  • Identify which agencies at the local, regional, national, and/or international level are involved in addressing this issue, and how.
  • What funding sources are available both within the country itself and outside the country? Is the United States providing any funding? The United Nations?NGOs such as World Health Organization?
  • Use at least 3 other references in addition to the textbook.  These references should be from professional journals/research databases. Provide access links to each article in the reference list.
  • Write 5 – 7 pages excluding the title page and reference page.
  • Write in APA style formating
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