Social Issues of Aging

Paper details
work on a social issue, The purpose of this paper is to provide an up-to-date analysis of a current issue in aging which centers on a topic related to gerontology or aging in general. It is intended to inform those affected by a particular issue; therefore it must be balanced and should be relatively comprehensive. The paper is a research paper, intended to bring the best, most current information to bear on an important topic. It should synthesize and summarize existing information in clear and insightful ways; it will not contribute new, original data. This paper will be worth of 40 points. The paper should be no more than 6 pages (double space) with a minimum of 5 references.

Group Project Paper Grading Rubric

Scoring Level
Analysis & Evaluation

40 – Accomplished Analyzes insightful questions
Refutes bias Critiques content Examines inconsistencies Values information Examines conclusions Uses reasonable judgment Discriminates rationally Synthesizes data
Views information critically Argues succinctly
Discusses issues thoroughly Shows intellectual honesty Justifies decisions Assimilates information
One course must be from Sociakl Gerontology : A multidisciplinary perspective 9th edition by Hooyman

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