Social Media Research Paper

Social Media Research Paper
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A typed, seven-to-eight page report, double-spaced, using 12-point font.This research paper topic is about the rise of social media and it’s affect on American Culture. A more elaborate version of this research paper topic will be on the attached document labeled “COMM Research topic”. The document labeled “Research Paper Spring 2016” includes all the guidelines you will need to follow to complete this assignment, please review it carefully before begining to write this research paper.
The outline of your research paper should be:
Introduction: Backgorund (history of social media- when it started)
Point one: Advantages of social media
Point two: Disadvantages of social media
Point three: Effect on children and lack of privacy
Conclusion: How it will affect future American culture
You must use a minimum of three different sources. Make sure you support your ideas with documented secondary sources, such as books, articles from scholarly journals, magazines, or newspapers, and credible websites. These sources must discuss the topic analytically or critically. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

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