Social Research Methods


This Assignment addresses two main different aspects (i.e. research design/methodology and

methods for data collection) of the research process based on relevant Bryman chapters & lecture and tutorial content.


Note that the assignment is NOT an essay but short answers to each of the set questions. You may enter your answers directly into this document under the relevant question.


You need to answer the set of questions in relation to nominated journal articles taken from the reading list as indicated below. You must reference (include page numbers) your answer to each question, that is, make sure you give in-text references to the specific text/page that provides the basis for your answer. You may also cross reference to other answers if you think that is appropriate. Your reference list is NOT INCLUDED in the 600 words limit.


To complete Assessment Item 1 Reflective Journal 2 you need to complete the following



Read and take notes of the following (The notes you take on the readings are not the assignment):


  • Brescoll, V & LaFrance, M 2004, ‘The correlates and consequences of newspaper reports of research on sex differences’,Psychological Science, vol. 15, no. 8, pp. 515-20.
  • Cullen, B T & Pretes, M 2000, ‘The meaning of marginality: interpretations and perceptions in social science’, Social Science Journal, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 215-29.
  • Horsfall, D., Noonan, K. & Leonard, R. 2012. Bringing our dying home: How caring for someone at end of life builds social capital and develops compassionate communities. Health Sociology Review, 21, 373-382.
  • Vazquez Maggio, M L, Westcott, H 2014, ‘Researchers’ reflections of empathy following interviews with migrants’, Qualitative Research Journal, Vol. 14, Iss. 3, pp. 214 – 227.


Based on your reading of these articles, any relevant chapter/s in Bryman (2016) you consider applicable, and the lecture and tutorial content, answer the first 2 questions in relation to TWO of the research articles above:


  1. Identify the methodology/research design for each of the articles you have selected. What justification/explanation for choosing the methodology/research design was provided by the researcher(s)?
  2. Explain in your own words what method(s) have been used to collect the research data. What justification/explanation for choosing these methods was provided by the researchers?




Answer the following question in relation to only ONE of the research articles you have selected (you need to answer all four components):


  1. What do you consider to be the rationale linking the research process reported in the article from the following perspectives
  2. epistemological/theoretical perspective
  3. research purpose

iii.      methodology/research design

  1. the research methods for data collection



NOTE: In answering all the questions above use your own words and remember to reference the answers you give to the relevant page number(s) using Harvard style.

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