Social Science – Sociology


Please take your time and complete the following 2 assignment. The length of each assignment should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and Times New Roman font. APA or ASA formats are okay. Make sure you turn each assignment on time. Please see the schedule for due dates. Please contact me or my assistant if you have issues or concerns. Good Luck and try to learn for your analyses.


Assignment 1


In chapter 3, the author argues that people go to great lengths to manage the impression people have of us. We often change our behaviors drastically to fit some stereotype or just to impress. Thus, self-presentation is the process of pushing a certain image to others, whether we maintain those behaviors in private or not.


With that said, use the internet and mass media to find examples of what Cooley termed embarrassment. Embarrassment is when our behaviors surface that contradict our self-presentation. Thus, making us look like hypocrites. Examples of such embarrassment include family value oriented politicians who are caught cheating on their wives.


In this paper, introduce the idea of impression management and discuss how each example fits into this idea. Then, in a conclusion provide insights you have about this topi

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