Social Work

Social Work
Paper details:
1.Considering the Mission statement ( see attachment) 2.what are your goals for field placement? 3.What can you do now to be intentional about achieving the goals you identify? Explain the nature and purpose of field education supervision and how you will effectively use supervision to promote your professional development. Notes Using the Integrative Topic Questions above, submit a mini-paper using APA format. Submit paper electronically in Word format no later than the posted deadline. To receive full credit on each paper, all questions per unit must be addressed. Each question should be addressed using no more than one page of narrative, e.g. if 4 questions, then no more than 4 pages of narrative. The paper must show integration of field placement experience with the readings referenced in the course outline that correspond to this assignment. In addition, integrate readings outside of those required for this assignment. Cover and references pages are required. An abstract is not required. Papers must include in-text APA citations and references. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.
Mission Statement
? To develop culturally competent social workers for specialized intervention in direct practice with emphasis on Hispanic children and families;
? To prepare social workers for professional practice in culturally diverse settings, especially agencies that serve clients from economically disadvantaged backgrounds; and
? To generate and disseminate knowledge that advances social and economic justice, enhances human well-being, and promotes effective practice with emphasis on Hispanic children and families.

The field placement is at a jobcorp. I will work with at-risk youth as a therapist


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