software engineering

XYZ is a website to which qualified individuals are encouraged to contribute information about the latest technology trends. Contributors may write original articles or comment on articles written by others.
XYZ wishes to encourage high-quality contributions by a wide range of contributors. For this purpose, it plans to extend its current computer system to provide incentives that will reward participation. The incentives are of four categories:
(a) Points for certain types of activity.
(b) Badges given as recognition of specific accomplishments.
(c) Rewards based on the quality and extent of contribution.
(d) Bonus rewards derived from the other three categories.

Based on above requirements provide followings:

1. Provide overall architecture of the solution that you propose.
2. What design patterns are you going to use? What is the reason for using it?
3. What technologies are you going to use to implement the solution?
4. What development methodolgy are you planning to use and why?

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