Software requirement specification –content- Paper details Subject: Software You are required to write a software requirement specification for an undergraduate informatics class. Canavera Technologies is an Irvine-based startup that works on lawyers be more productive. Lawyers at most large firms are required to track and record their work days in 1/10th hour increments. For example, a lawyer that reads an email for eleven minutes might note: “read email from Erica Esquire (0.2 hours).” All of these records must then be loaded into the law firm’s timekeeping software so that the firm can bill its clients based on the time spent. This meticulous attention to time in combination with the often long days at the office can leave the lawyer interested in how he is spending the rest of his time, however little of it there may be. But the law firm’s timekeeping software is obviously not the right place to record and track personal time. So a single program that both meets the requirements of law firm timekeeping and allows for personal timekeeping and productivity tracking is needed. Timekeeper 9000 is an idea for a mixed timekeeping and personal productivity system. The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to write a fairly complete and precise requirements specification, which is a critical step in developing a large software system. Completing this assignment will give you experience in one of the most interesting and difficult software engineering tasks. This assignment is to write a software requirements document for the Timekeeper 9000 system. The details of the requirements should be elicited by client interviews with your Teaching Assistant He will act as customer. Your document should be based solely on the information discussed in these interviews. Do not add any requirements other than what was discussed in these interviews.