Stakeholder Field: Business & Finance – Marketing

The fundamental mission of a project is to create value for the client, by way of meeting the specifications for the deliverable of the project, which in turn will satisfy a specific strategic objective of the enterprise. The planning documents of the project include the specifics of crafting the deliverable itself, as well as proactive guidelines for involving the stakeholders in the decision processes of the project. Planning the project will begin with a clear understanding of the client’s strategic and financial objectives. Then, on the basis of that information, and in the light of historical data from similar projects, estimates will be made for the amount of resources required for the project, the total cost of the project, the total duration of the project, and risks that might impact the implementation and success of the project. The skeletal framework for project plans will be provided by a hierarchical structure, which is called the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Although the WBS can be developed using activities or resources, the most logical method for developing the WBS is the deliverable basis.

Use your stakeholder lists developed last week as the starting point of this assignment. Discuss the different stakeholders you came up with individually and use them for this team assignment.

Develop a communication plan matrix for each stakeholder category. For each category specify:

Whether the information should regard:

Intended use (strategic objective of the project)

 Impact of the deliverable on economy, environment, people, etc.

 Cost of project

 Duration of project

 Quality of project

 Other issues

Whether the information should be detailed or summarized (and why)

 Who should present/own the information (team members, the project manager, chief budget officer, etc.)

 The medium of transmission (face to face, phone, email, meeting, etc.)

 The frequency of transmission

Do not present generalities, give specifics.

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