Statistics M3 Assignment and Discussion

M3 Assignment and Discussion
You will continue your analysis of the data set you obtained from the NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, in particular the two subsets of data you were using in Module 2. Recall for Module 2 you created two new tabs with subsets of the full data set. Each tab contains the daily snowfall data for December 1 through March 31 for a different winter at a particular weather station in your county and the associated histogram you created last module.

For each year of these two winters of data, use Excel to find the Summary Statistics of the snowfall for January 1 through March 31. At the end of Chapter 3 in the textbook there is a Tech Tips section with instructions for doing so in Excel. When finding these descriptive statistics use the Output Option called Output Range. Select a range of cells in your worksheet that are not already being used (off to the right of everything else, yet near the top of the worksheet). Thus, the summary statistics results will appear on the same worksheet as the histogram you inserted last module.

For your discussion post, discuss what you think the best measure of center and spread are for this data set. To assist you in this task, you may wish to refer to the Summary section found in the Chapter Review pages at the end of Chapter 3 in our textbook. Simple sentences and multiple paragraphs might make your discussion clearer to others. Attach your Excel file to the discussion.

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