Statistics R ANOVA and hypothesis

Statistics R ANOVA and hypothesis
Three groups of 5th grade students were exposed to different methods of teaching grammar in order to determine whether any of the methods was superior to any of the others. A decision about purchasing new curricular materials will be made on the basis of the results of this experiment. Method “A” is the method currently in use, while Methods “B” and “C” are new products under consideration. The results of the study are presented in the data set “TeachMeth” in the data folder of our D2L site.

Please respond to the following items in a text file and post it to the Week 13 dropbox.

1) What is the research question under consideration?

2) Identify the Null and Alternative statistical hypotheses.

3) Using R run an analysis of variance on these data. Post the results of your ANOVA. Tell me your decision (reject or fail to reject H0), and explain why you made that decision.

4) Compare the 3 methods using Tukey’s HSD test.

5) Which method (A, B, or C) do you recommend – if any. Please explain why you would make this recommendation.

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