STEM Reading Set 6

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Each of the three (3) responses should be 300-350 words long (~ 1/2 page each,

I. McCormick, R. (2004). Issues of Learning and Knowledge in Technology Education. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 14, 21-44.
Question: Explain how problem solving (open-ended, design-based) fosters learning by connecting knowing, doing, participation, and authenticity in the learning activity.

II. Cajas, F. (2001). The Science/Technology Interaction: Implications for Science Literacy. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 38(7), 715-729.
Question: How would you describe the distinctions between technological literacy and science literacy?

III. Sidawi, M. (2007). Teaching Science Through Designing Technology. International Journal of Technology Design Education, DOI 10.1007/s10798-007-9045-1
Question: What difficulties are students often confronted with when attempting to transfer their knowledge about science to the task of designing technology?

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