Story Draft

Story Draft

Overview and Description
Now that you’ve received feedback(file 1) from your instructor on this initial draft of your emerging story, one reflecting all story elements learned through this point, including a sampling of dialogue, it’s time to consider revising these into a M3 Final Submission.

As you work on revising your completed work from M3 Task 2(file 1), make sure you take into consideration the feedback you received from your instructor and classmates.

Submission Specifications
Revised version of Description and Dialogue submitted as AI_ENG3020_M3_Final Submission_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

Steps for Success

Careful selection of passage that showcases author’s ability to convey all story elements addressed through this point in the course.

Shares a sampling of dialogue that reveals either characterization, plot, or both.

Make sure you actually revise your M3 Task 2(file 1) submission; don’t just resubmit what you have done from M3 Task 2(file 1) without making changes.

Run the spelling/grammar checker on your submission and ensure your sentences are clear and polished.

Write a 150-word Milestone Report addressing the following:

Reflect on the specifics of your process, from planning, to drafting, to editing, to delivering the product.
Discuss challenges and lessons learned. This way we know what you are struggling with, what you had as a concept that might not have been part of the reality of your production, what you learned from this task, etc.
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