Strategic leadership in a changing world

Strategic leadership in a changing worldChoose ONE of the following three organisations:

Poundland PLC or

Ted Baker PLC or

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Word limit: 3000 words

Minimum 15 references (Harvard Referencing)

Write an essay (using module concepts) that evaluates the strategic issues and options facing your organisation of choice on the 1st March 2017. How useful have
module concepts been in helping you undertake this assignment?

Your work is to be up-date up until the end of 1st March 2017.You are not allowed to use “information” on your organisation of choice that occurs/is produced after the
1st March 2017 e.g. any changes/issues /events/information/environmental or internal changes concerning/affecting the organisation that occur after 1st March 2017
CANNOT be used.

Module Concepts/theories include:

Mitzberg’s 5 P’s for strategy
Porters 5 forces
Goal setting theory
MC Kinsey 7 s framework
Life-cycle model
Porter’s Diamond

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