strategic management analysis

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QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions:Identify Biocon India Group key stakeholders and map these stakeholders in terms of the power/interest grid. Critique, with supporting commentary, which of these stakeholders will need to be repositioned over the next 12 monthsn n SECTION 2. SCENARIOS AND INDUSTRY ANALYSIS (25%) [LOs 2-3]n n Answer the following questions:n n By employing relevant data from the case, conduct a five forces analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry. What do you conclude about that industry?s attractiveness? n n SECTION 3. RESOURCES AND CAPABILITIES (25%) [LOs 2-3]n n Select and answer one of the following questions:n n 3.1. Evaluate the bases of Biocon India Group strategic capabilities by utilizing the VRIO/VRIN criteria (value, rarity, inimitability, organisation and/or non-substitutability). Which are the key strategic capabilities that provide, or could provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage? Why?n n 3.2. Evaluate Biocon India Group resources and capabilities by utilizing the value chain framework. How is the company creating value? Discuss how could the company develop and improve further in respect to this?n n SECTION 4. BUSINESS AND CORPORATE STRATEGIES (25%) [LOs 1-4]n n What suggestions could you make to Biocon India Group Senior Management team to support their position in achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical global competitive environment?n n THE CASE STUDY WILL BE

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