Strategic Management and Leadership

Strategic Management and Leadership


MBA 690 Cases Spring 2017

An approximately two page double-spaced, typed case write-up will be handed in by every student for each of the two cases listed in the schedule. All case write-ups

are due at the beginning of class on the date that the case is discussed. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you know that you will be absent on the night of a

case, it is your responsibility to email it to me before class.

Using the cases for background information, research the current situation for each company. Do not base your response solely on the data contained in the case. Based

upon your research, what is currently the single most important issue (either a threat or an opportunity) facing the company? Justify and support your answer using

analysis of relevant data. Why is this the most important issue? There are a number of issues facing the company and part of the challenge to choose the single issue

that you think is most important. Why will this issue have a greater impact on the company than any other single issue? An excellent paper will clearly identify a

single issue and provide strong support for the case that it is the single most important issue currently facing the company. An average paper will identify a current

issue, but provide weak or little support to justify this choice. A poor paper will not clearly identify a single current issue, or will only use the case data, and

little to no support is given.
What is your recommendation to the company for dealing with this issue? — be specific and avoid “magic wand” solutions. How and why will your recommendation work?

What, if any, are the potential risks of your recommendation — i.e., what if it doesn’t work?

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